Gelatin Popsicles

Gelatin based popsicles might seem like an odd idea; however, they happen to be full of flavor and so easy to make. Plus – they don’t drip as they thaw. Seriously, these are essentially mess free. My toddler loves popsicles and the aftermath is always horrendous. There’s sticky syrup everywhere and colored dye on herContinue reading “Gelatin Popsicles”

Pressed Flower Wall Art

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve your garden fresh blooms and enjoy them year round. My daughter will occasionally pick some of my flowers in my garden and I like to hold onto them for the memories. She ended up bringing me a bleeding heart stem and I knew this one needed toContinue reading “Pressed Flower Wall Art”

Frozen Mango Lemonade

Winter strongly hangs on in Northern Michigan until well into May. Notoriously we will still have frost warnings until mid-June some years. Right around the beginning of April I start wanting garden fresh foods and light beverages to help ward off the late winter season blues. You can start finding different seasonal produce available inContinue reading “Frozen Mango Lemonade”

Vanilla Snow Ice Cream

Springtime might be starting to peek through in other parts of the country; however, winter continues to hang on through much of March here in Northern Michigan. I try not to be envious of those whom are able to start on their spring cleanup and enjoy the last parts of our frosty season here. IContinue reading “Vanilla Snow Ice Cream”

Elderberry Gummies

Cold and flu season has struck out household with an unwavering vengeance this year. I pride myself on the fact that we are normally extremely healthy; however, that is not the case lately. It seems like just when we get over one illness another roots itself in our bodies. Both of my daughters have gottenContinue reading “Elderberry Gummies”

Top 10 of 2021: A Year in Review

What a year this has been. So many opportunities, life changes and adventures have crossed our path. I will be forever grateful for our loved ones and memories this year brought us. As I sit here sipping mocktails with my daughters I can’t help but thank you for your support. Without you I would haveContinue reading “Top 10 of 2021: A Year in Review”

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

12 Days of Sweets: Day 6 Hot chocolate has always been a “feel good” drink for me when I’m not feeling well. My oldest has started picking up on this trait and I’m more than happy to pull together a fresh batch for her. I’m very particular about hot chocolate, though. I don’t bother withContinue reading “Peppermint White Hot Chocolate”

Vanilla Butter Mints

12 Days of Sweets: Day 5 When I was little I loved those pastel colored after dinner mints you would find in restaurants. These butter mints remind me of those fun little treats; however, these are so much better. They are creamy and sweet with a minty fresh after note in flavor. We had aContinue reading “Vanilla Butter Mints”

Crockpot Cashew Clusters

12 Days of Sweets: Day 4 As a busy working mom I love finding ways to make cooking quicker and easier – and safe ways to get my kids involved! I love this cashew clusters recipe because I don’t have to worry about standing over a double boiler to temper chocolate and my daughter wasContinue reading “Crockpot Cashew Clusters”

Gingerbread Fudge

12 Days of Sweets: Day 3 My Daughters favorite cookie happens to be gingerbread. If we go into the bakery to get fresh donuts even in July she will always pick out gingerbread cookies. It might have something to do with all the ginger I ate to combat my morning sickness when I was pregnantContinue reading “Gingerbread Fudge”