Pressed Flower Wall Art

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve your garden fresh blooms and enjoy them year round. My daughter will occasionally pick some of my flowers in my garden and I like to hold onto them for the memories. She ended up bringing me a bleeding heart stem and I knew this one needed to end up on my wall.

I start by finding a large hard bound book and opening it to a middle section. Lining the pages with wax paper protects the book pages from any moisture in the blooms – do not skip this step. After laying out my blooms on one side of the wax paper I will gently close the book and set a heavy object on top to help press the flowers down. Keep in mind when you close the book on the blooms that they will fry in whatever position you press them into. Take extra care when laying out the blooms so flowers are not closed and leaves are not rolled up.

I used these cute hanging frames I found on Amazon. You could absolutely use an old empty frame or even make your pressed flowers into a bookmark. I use a small dot of non-toxic clear liquid glue to hold the blooms in place in the frame. After drying I close the frame, hang and enjoy!


  • Fresh flowers and leaves
  • Wax paper
  • Heavy book
  • Floating frame
  • Clear non-toxic liquid glue


  1. Open the book to a middle section and line the pages with wax paper to protect them.
  2. Arrange flowers and leaves the way you want them pressed on the wax paper and close the book.
  3. Keep the book closed for at least 12 hours to allow the flowers to fully press down.
  4. Arrange the pressed flowers into frame as desired and keep in place with a drop of glue.
  5. Hang frame and enjoy!

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