Gingerbread Tea Lights

Making your own candles might seem incredibly daunting, but it’s actually easy and rewarding. They make the perfect addition to holiday dinner tables or would make a fabulous gift. Beeswax candles scented with essential oils are free of the harmful chemicals in store bought candles making these tea lights not only beautiful, but also betterContinue reading “Gingerbread Tea Lights”

Pressed Flower Wall Art

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve your garden fresh blooms and enjoy them year round. My daughter will occasionally pick some of my flowers in my garden and I like to hold onto them for the memories. She ended up bringing me a bleeding heart stem and I knew this one needed toContinue reading “Pressed Flower Wall Art”

Sinus Relief Vapor Rub & Shower Steamers

Cold and flu season has blown through our house with a vengeance this year. Our youngest has been battling RSV and all the fun stuff that comes along with it for over two weeks now. My life has been a blur of doctors office visits, medications, nebulizer treatments and many, many sleepless nights. The twoContinue reading “Sinus Relief Vapor Rub & Shower Steamers”

Elderberry Gummies

Cold and flu season has struck out household with an unwavering vengeance this year. I pride myself on the fact that we are normally extremely healthy; however, that is not the case lately. It seems like just when we get over one illness another roots itself in our bodies. Both of my daughters have gottenContinue reading “Elderberry Gummies”

Top 10 of 2021: A Year in Review

What a year this has been. So many opportunities, life changes and adventures have crossed our path. I will be forever grateful for our loved ones and memories this year brought us. As I sit here sipping mocktails with my daughters I can’t help but thank you for your support. Without you I would haveContinue reading “Top 10 of 2021: A Year in Review”

Holiday Simmer Pots

Simmer pots are an easy way to make your house smell amazing in a pinch. Now, you might be wondering what exactly a simmer pot is. Essentially, it’s fragrant materials added to water and heated up to help the aroma permeate the air; almost like a perfume for your home. Normally I throw everything intoContinue reading “Holiday Simmer Pots”

Rice Heating Pad

I love easy solutions to problems. I appreciate solutions even more when I can accomplish them myself. My oldest has been having some horrible growing pains and she keeps commandeering my my heating pad. I happen to be nursing a baby right now and I use mine for my neck (nursing neck, anyone?). A coupleContinue reading “Rice Heating Pad”

DIY Lavender Eye Pillow

As a mom of an infant and preschooler I struggle to find time to myself. Sometimes my only moments alone during the day are when I can just sit alone and close my eyes for a couple minutes. I absolutely love this eye pillow – the scent of the lavender and flax is earthy, theContinue reading “DIY Lavender Eye Pillow”

Elderberry Syrup

My family stays relatively healthy. Much of that has to do with our diet and lifestyle choices, but I contribute much of it to working hard building up our immune systems. Elderberry syrup is full of immune system boosting properties and is quick and easy to make. Elderberries are a little wonder fruit. They areContinue reading “Elderberry Syrup”