Vanilla Snow Ice Cream

Springtime might be starting to peek through in other parts of the country; however, winter continues to hang on through much of March here in Northern Michigan. I try not to be envious of those whom are able to start on their spring cleanup and enjoy the last parts of our frosty season here. I remember reading about snow cream in one of the book series I loved as a little girl. Obviously, my sweet tooth has held onto that detail from the book and I’ve tried to make several versions with my girls. Many fell short and I partially believe it has to do with the consistency of the snow. You want extremely fresh, loose snow – similar to the kind you can scoop up and form into a snowball. Hardened snow is too stiff to try to use for this recipe.

I love when I’m able to use my vanilla extract in recipes which makes it my most used flavoring. This recipe is neutral enough you can swap for a different extract flavor to make the snow cream even more exciting. The biggest downfall with this fun treat is that it melts very quickly. Be prepared with the vessels you are ultimately serving this in before you begin mixing. My kids don’t mind the mess which makes it all the more fun to them!


  • 6-7 cups of fresh clean snow*
  • 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon of Vanilla Extract**
  • Sprinkles or sanding sugar (optional)


  1. In a large bowl mix together snow, sweetened condensed milk and extract until desired consistency.
  2. Scoop ice cream into bowls or cones and top with sprinkles.
  3. Enjoy!
  4. Store leftovers in freezer in an airtight container.

*You will want to use freshly fallen snow. Hardened snow will not give you the correct consistency.

**You may swap for your favorite extract flavor (I.e coffee, peppermint or even lemon).

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