Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub

Today is my birthday (happy birthday to me)! This year I’m celebrating a bit differently; with the pandemic it’s not going to be a family celebration outside of my husband and our kids. My dad is fighting cancer and with his chemotherapy treatments zapping all his strength we haven’t really spent any time with him.Continue reading “Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub”

Lavender Bath Salts

Happy opening day of firearm deer season! As with many other Michiganders my husband wishes this day was a national holiday. I enjoy it because I get to spend some quality time at home with my girls while he’s at deer camp (hopefully) harvesting a buck. This has been a big year for our oldest.Continue reading “Lavender Bath Salts”

Lavender Sugar Scrub

I absolutely love the smell of lavender – these pretty purple flowers have a special place in my heart. Lavender is so beneficial to your overall health and wellness that I highly recommend everyone grows it in their gardens. We ended up with an over abundance of dried buds this year and I’ve been experimentingContinue reading “Lavender Sugar Scrub”