Gemstone Suncatchers

My oldest has had such a hard time transitioning to sisterhood. She loves her sister but hates that my attention is so divided. Doing small projects with her helps stimulate her need for creativity and helps strengthen our bond. When I asked if she wanted to make Mother’s Day gifts this year for her Grandmas she almost jumped with joy. These little suncatchers required few materials, but it was relatively hands off on my part.

Start by evenly spreading a thin layer of glue over the bottom side of the lid. Do not use the top – you want the outer edges of the bottom to help contain the glue while it’s drying. We used flat marbles for our stones. Flat gemstones would also work. My daughter had so much fun picking out the colors and arranging them into pretty patterns. When placing your stones try to make sure they touch one another as it helps strengthen the suncatcher.

This next part requires a bit of patience. It takes up to seven days for the glue to dry and it really is best if you just leave it be – trust me. I tried checking the one I made every day and popped it out far too early and it didn’t set up properly. Both of the ones my daughter made – that neither of us touched – turned out stunning. After it was fully dry I used a barbecue skewer to poke a small hole through the glue to be able to feed a string through to hang. Once hung they are gorgeous in the sunlight!


  • Old plastic lids
  • Clear glue
  • Flat marbles


  1. Evenly spread a thin layer of glue over the bottom side of the lid.
  2. Place marbles onto lid in a fun pattern/design; make sure the edges of the marbles are touching.
  3. Allow to sit in a dry, cool place for 5-7 days while the glue dries.
  4. Pop the suncatcher out of the lid.
  5. Very carefully poke a hole through the suncatcher and feed a string through to hang.
  6. Enjoy!

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